Friday, April 22, 2011

Keepinig Healthy This Spring

Spring Health Tips

Spring health advice
Stay Healthy This Spring
Spring is finally upon us. It is time for the flowers to start growing, grass to get green again and for everyone to get outdoors after the cold winter. The winter can cause us to not eat right and to not exercise as much as we would during summer months. Here are some Spring exercise tips and Spring fitness tips to use when the weather finally get nicer and you can spend time outdoors.

Get Out More
It's important to take advantage of better weather. Go biking. If you have a bike path, you can use it to ride your bike for exercise. Go hiking. If you have a landscape ideal for hiking, utilize it! Go running or walking. You can use the same bike path for running, which is a great Spring exercise. You can also simply go on a walk around your neighborhood. Point is, the sunshine you receive from being outside will in a sense, wake your body up from the long winter.

Watch Holiday Eating
Easter and Passover are both Spring holidays. We have to watch excessive eating. It is important to not gorge as this can result in unwanted weight gain right before the summer months, which nobody wants. Eat fruit instead of sweets or chocolate; some chocolate can be high in unwanted fat. Take more veggies with your meals instead of foods high in unwanted calories.

Watch For Allergies
Here's some tips for preventing spring allergies. Check pollen levels in your area. You can look at's  Pollen Forecast tool or simply watch your local news as they should mention when there is high pollen levels. Invest in some allergy medicine or get an allergy shot for the occasional spring allergy.

Staying healthy this spring isn't difficult, you just have to be diligent. You have to pay attention to what you are eating and make sure you exercise. Good luck!

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