Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life Settlements

What is a Life Settlement?

A life settlement is the trading of an already purchased life insurance policy to a alternative party for more than its cash surrender value, but less than its net death benefit. There are a number of factors that a policy holder may choose to sell their life insurance coverage.

The policy owner may no longer want or need his or her policy, he or she may wish to purchase a different kind of life insurance plan, or insurance premium payments may no longer be affordable. Insurance police owners frequently read about settling, or selling, their insurance plans using a financial consultant or advisor, broker, law firm, friends, or even the internet.

What's the Point?

To be honest, I didn't know much about them either. But, leaving all identifiable information out, I was recently forced to become informed on the subject. To be even more honest, I can see why people seek to utilize something like this. The profit can pay for, in the case I am referring to, extended care but it can also go towards whatever the policy holder would like.

I wrote a Squidoo on the subject that further explains what and why life settlements can be looked into. Check it out, leave a comment.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Not to Be Embarrassed About Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers & Why They Are Nothing to Be Ashamed About!

There are a lot of reasons why adult diapers are necessary. Though very few adults like to admit it, the use of these is actually quite common. One of the number one uses of adult diapers is surprisingly occupational. There are people who are unable to leave their post at work, even to leave to go to the washroom. The most common jobs that require these are guards. If they leave, they are giving up a large window of opportunity for those whom they are supposed to be guarding against.

Also, it is not uncommon for professional divers, and pilots on long flights to use adult diapers. Copilots can fly the plane, but it is always optimal to have at least two pilots in the cockpit at all times. Divers are unable to surface quickly to use the bathroom lest they risk the formation of nitrogen bubbles in their blood stream, which is a lethal condition. Some divers are underwater for countless hours at a time per dive. Even Senators and House member have been reported to wear adult diapers in the midst of very important meetings in which it would be completely unfeasible to leave.

Culturally, adult diapers are accepted in other cultures much more readily than in American culture. For instance, the Chinese often have extremely long lines to use public bathroom facilities due to the very large population. Public bathrooms are quickly becoming inadequate to accommodate the growing population.

Because of the stigma associated with the term “adult diapers,” they are not typically referred to as diapers. Instead they are usually called incontinence aids, or pads. There are a lot of people who have tried to curb this stigma. In Japan, the first adult diaper fashion show took place in order to allow people to realize that this is an accepted practice and should not be frowned upon. Numerous models paraded up and down the catwalk in edgy fashionable adult diapers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Importance of Medical Scales and BMI

Many individuals use medical scales to judge their progress when it comes to dieting. However, this data can be inaccurate in helping you reach your goals if you are not taking the rest of the equation into account. There are several considerations to use when you use scales. First, the time of the day you use a scale is a major factor. Also, the BMI (Body Mass Index) is another extremely important factor. If you use those two in conjunction you will reap the most benefits.

First, many people use medical scales at different times of the day and this is a detrimental mistake, if you want an accurate snapshot of your diet progress, or even your day-to-day work. The human body’s weight fluctuates vastly throughout the day. Try to aim for the same time every morning. The idea behind this is your body establishes equilibrium at the same time every day. As a result, you are going to get a great baseline to work from. Then you can make better-informed decisions about your exercise plan, diet, and many other factors that control your weight.

BMI Chart for Medical Scales
Next, you want to be entirely certain you learn all of the intricacies of BMI, or Body Mass Index. This is a key concept that puts your weight into perspective when considering your heights. Basically this measure allows you to compare your height and your weight at the same time. The term, “obese”, gets tossed around very loosely. Many people do not know that the word is actually a scientific measure from the BMI chart. If you fall in the red category in the following chart you are obese. Take a moment to see where you are in proportion to your height and weight. There are a lot of things that can impact this number. Some people have a more dense bone structure. Sometimes the composition of the body itself needs to be taken into account in order to truly understand the benefits as well as the limitations of BMI.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Certain bodybuilders have actually discounted the importance of BMI as a measure of complete success. For instance, because muscle is a dense fiber, it weighs much more than fat. So, a muscular individual with an extremely low body fat percentage will, in fact, register a very high BMI. Does this mean that person is obese? Of course not! He or she is at the pinnacle of health. The scale shows that person’s weight. So, this shows that though the BMI is effective in telling a lot of the story, there is still much that remains to be told. Use the scale as just a guide, then BMI to hone in on your findings, and finally use body fat percentage to ensure your information is consistent.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Abdominal Exercises and Fitness

ab machines - abdominal equipment
Use an ab machine for these great abs!
The lower stomach or abdominal region is often cited as the hardest area lose weight, and the easiest place to gain it! Not being able to fit into your favorite jeans is bad enough, but as your waistline grows so do the health risks. Increased belly fat greatly heightens the likelihood of contracting heart disease, a stroke and diabetes. Eating a balanced, low fat diet is a great step and should be part any health regime. The other vital element is to workout regularly, incorporating a number of abdominal exercises.

Getting started is tough. Maintaining a regular regime is even harder. Regular performance  of targeted exercises, plays a huge role in shaping a toned abdominal region. It doesn't need to be expensive, however many people find sit ups strenuous on the back and neck. The most cost effective ab equipment is probably the Exercise ball. These are a great way to develop a stronger core. Sitting on an exercise ball decreases your stability; this forces your abdominal muscles into action, and this is further increased as you use the ball to perform basic front and side crunches. As your confidence grows, there are also a number of more advanced exercises which help help develop more defined abs.

For a lot of people however, sit-ups and exercise ball routines only get you so far. For people looking for that “washboard stomach”, a weighted exercise may prove more successful. Muscle tissue will only significantly grow by adding resistance to the muscle movement. You wouldn’t get as developed arms doing push-ups as you would with heavy bench pressing, so the same principle applies here. Such options include weighted sit-ups, weight abdominal twists (moving from side to side), and hanging leg raises with weight strapped onto your ankles.

These more stressful exercises can prove difficult, especially for people who suffer from chronic back problems. The safest and most effective way to get around this is to use specifically designed ab machines. Any good gym will have a wide variety of equipment to suit your level of fitness and development needs. If you would rather workout from home, then the number of choices can be confusing. Do your research and go for the equipment that provides the best all-round workout, not just the one that promises the quickest results!

Abdominal exercises not only help you lose fat around your stomach, but greatly help develop your core strength. As well as looking great, the benefits include a better range of movement and improved flexibility.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fitness Workout

Summer is here and I know that I’ve been searching for the perfect beach body for the last few weeks.  All winter I’ve been ignoring my work-out plan and using the “cold” as a reason to stock up on tasty fattening treats.  But no more.  It’s time to get back in shape for the warm months! So let’s talk about a head-to-toe workout that you can do at home.  I hate going to the gym I always feel just awful when I get there. So here is how to tone each part of your body so that you can get that perfect looking body in your own house with help from some home exercise equipment.  Fitness is an important part of your life, or at least it should be, so try not to forget that during those months of hot chocolate, Christmas dinners and holiday parties.

When I was in high school I used to be on the crew/rowing team.  When I tell people now, they come to some kind of conclusion like, “but your arms don’t look jacked.” Well my friends that is because 75% of rowing is using your legs to kick off.  If you’re looking for rock hard, sexy and slim leg muscles, a rowing machine may be the perfect addition to your home gym.  There are several types that have different abilities and builds.  Some machines use actual water in the pull tank to give you the weight and strength you would use in an actual boat.  Others use a pulley system connected to a large fan belt.  Remember when purchasing a rowing machine that you will be on the floor, or close to it.   This is not a good piece of equipment for older people who have issues getting off the floor.  Make sure you know your limits when purchasing this equipment.

In the last few years elliptical trainers have become the “go to” machine for most gym-goers.  There is still a battle though, elliptical or treadmill? Some say that the elliptical is better for your knees because you are not putting the thud pressure of running on them.  I personally think that the elliptical hurts my knees more because of the range of motion it creates.  But, alas the elliptical has more beneficial properties than the run of the mill treadmill.  An elliptical allows you to train your endurance, legs, butt, thighs and core but also your arms and upper body.  So if you want a full body cardio workout I suggest splurging for a gym-grade elliptical for your home gym.

Now that we have our cardio out of the way time to move onto strength and weight training.  A home gym is perfect for the on the go gym enthusiast who just doesn’t have time to waste moving around at the gym or waiting for someone to get off the equipment.  Most reputable equipment makers now sell fully loaded home gyms that are the same grade material as one that you would find at your local Bally’s or Planet Fitness.  The FreeMotion Carbon Multi Gym is by far my favorite.  It’s a little bit on the pricey side but totally worth the money once you realize what it can do.  With a chin up bar, leg curl area, leg press and press station this gym allows you to work your entire upper and lower body.  You can also mix and match pieces so that you can create the perfect home gym for you and your family.

The final thing that I like to have in my home gym is fitness balls and a free weights set.  Now I know most of you go to the gym and look at the fitness balls and go “I have no clue what to do with this thing.” And just ignore it.  A fitness ball is the perfect addition to a home gym.  I use my fitness ball for my ab workout and leg lifts.  It’s a perfect way to get me off the floor and my back doesn’t hurt as bad when I’m finished.  At first I wasn’t a huge weight lifter.  But, once I purchased Body-Solid Tools Vinyl Dumbbells I was on the way to becoming a body builder.  Usually I take the dumbbells out on my walks with me to kill two birds with one stone.  But lately I have found a few fitness DVDs that allow me to pick my weight and work at my pace.

I’m on my way to my perfect beach body.  Summer is here and it’s time to get off my butt and start working out.