About Me

My name is Beth and I am currently a nurse here in the great city of Chicago! I can tell you that I am very passionate about all things health care and have taken a liking to writing about it. I like to read health blogs and have listed some of the ones I frequent most often. I also get a lot of "insider" info from the hospital I work at, which will go unnamed for obvious reasons. I am also very concerned with the state of public health these days. For that I am very interested in how we can all become healthier, hence the name of my blog here. It isn't hard to stay healthy, but when you have let yourself go, so to speak, it is harder to become healthier again.

This is where my health blog comes in. I will try and provide you with obvious ways to become healthy, but also ways that are not so obvious. Sometimes I even learn new things, even though I am around doctors all day! I like to learn new and innovative ways to become healthy and then stay healthy. This includes homeopathic remedies as well as scientifically developed health supplements. I am also interested in the primitive and not-so-new ways that are tried and true, such as the health benefits of coconut and other organic compounds that have great health benefits for humans.

Point is, I wanted a voice. A unique voice that I could use to push my health agenda. We Americans, as a whole, are just not healthy. Or at least, not as healthy as we should be. This health blog's purpose is to not only to force myself to become healthier by following the health advice I give but also to gain from commenter's personal experiences and health tips. This is a collaborative effort. Please, offer your health advice to me!